Octogenarian  Celebration  Lunch
Planning committee memebers L to R: Jim Wagner, David Day, Gail Haselden.
Bob McAteer, Pat Gurr, Kurt Woelfel, Sandy Owens & Jack Knight.
To recognize that most of our classmates will celebrate their
80th birthday this year we met for a covered dish lunch on Saturday, April 9, 2019
We Octogenarian’s are introduced to a
lot of new things never experienced in
our lives such as aches, pains,
forgetfulness and etc. The only thing
positive out of all these is forgetfulness
which as it progresses allows us to
keep meeting a new friend every time
we meet up with an old friend. The
luncheon was enjoyed by all the “old
friends” and new found “new friends”
that shared food, laughter and
cherished fond memories. Hope to see
all of you again for our Nonagenarian
Luncheon in the year 2029. Put a
reminder of the Nonagenarian event on
your refrigerator and please try to
remember who put it there.

           -- Bobby Jack Martin
Ocala  High  School  Class  of  1957
The clean-up crew did a great job.
The '57 class is so grand,
tall and proud we stand.

So lucky to be a part,
of classmates of strong heart.

Three score and ten is asked,
we are now a decade past.

Eighty is a long road,
we made it carrying our load.

Some not here is sad,
for those we feel bad.

Our future may not be spry,
but from Ocala High,

Our support is not frail,
because we have email.

             --Anonymous Classmate
Freida & Don Shaulis
This lovely couple, also OHS alumni, agreed to be the host for our Octogenarian Lunch.
Their beautiful country home and spacious grounds with large covered patio made the
perfect venue for our covered dish lunch. Their hard work and decorations to promote
OHS helped make the lunch special. We will be eternally grateful to them.
~~~ See Enlarged Photo Below ~~~
~~~ Left Side ~~~
~~~ Middle ~~~
~~~ Right Side ~~~
Don & Freida did a great job decorating for the lunch.
Saturday, April 9, 2019